Mosaicing (Landsat 8)

Dear Helpers,

Using two Source Products as 'Landsat 8 Data Products in 30m resolution ’ in Mosaicing
the system answers:
‘Product2 contains bands of different sizes. Currently it is not possible to use it for mosaicing’

Could I do smth to make it possible for Landsat 8 ?
(A common view in natural colors is needed for visual analysis)
Thank you for your assistance.

What you can do is to open both products on either the 15m or the 30m resolution and save them as e.g. BEAM-DIMAP product. With those products you can then create the mosaic.
Sorry for the inconvenience. It will get better with the next releases.

Oh, I see. It ovecome. Thank you, Marco.

Then I got another thing: ‘Cannot construct DataBuffer’ . Is any remedy from that?
More thanks!

‘Cannot construct DataBuffer’ means that you don’t have not enough memory to do the current processing.
How is your computer equipped?
Maybe you can limit the mosaic process to a smaller region?

YES! When input data are limited
there is no this error anymore.