Mosaicing mask bands

Dear All,
I am using Sentinel 1 data. Using bath math, I created mask bands as shown in the following figures.

Now, I would like to merge all these mask bands into one. Can you kindly tell me if there is any possibility?

Raster - Mosaic.

if they have same location you can try the BandMerge in graph builder. Although you might need to make a same size raster.

All those mask layers are not for the same location. Can band merge work still?

If the values you have are corresponding, change the band names to the same name and Mosaic your work, this way it should work.

The Merge could work, but will still be split into different bands/layers.

May I know How to remove those black pixels from masked result

please give an example. There are many reasons why a mask is black and there are often ways to remove border pixels (e.g. by adding another condition in the mask manager), but we need to know what value this pixels have and how your mask was created.

My issue is similar as shown in Aishuaarthi case_ So I just asked the question of how to remove the black pixels around mask,

I created this mask after just preprocessing using sen2cor and multisize mosaic.
The result is like except masked part, remaining part of the mosaic remained as black pixels.

Thank you

you can use the Pixel Info panel to see which raster value is represented by the black pixels and then add it as a no data value in the raster properties.

In my example, the masked area is black and has the value 0

Now I add 0 as the NoData value of the band:



Lots of gratitude to you. Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: