Mosaicing problem. Unable to mosaic Landsat 8 image

I want to mosaic two image of Landsat 8. But it says that product source product contains bands of different sizes. Please help.

Maybe you included the panchromatic band (15m) in the stack?

I have not… but I will recheck and try to do again.

where did you download the Landsat 8 product and how did you import it into SNAP?

Downloaded from USGS…imported using file menu without uncompressed

I mean did you open the MTL file or all Tiffs separately?

All tiff file… is it not the way?

try it like this and select the MTL.txt in the follwing dialogue:

This imports the entire dataset as a stack instead of single rasters.
Repeat it with every Landsat product you want to use and use them as inputs for the mosaic operator.

thank you . will try and inform you