Multilook problem


I would like to compare two S1A_IW_SLC_1SDV products. In particular, I am interested in the multitemporal backscatter differences of those two.

Here is my current workflow. I attached also the output Metadata of the product, written after the speckle filter step:

I am struggling with the multilook step. I always get the Error "Cannot output in complex, please select output intensity". The problem appears to happen when the speckle filtering step is done. When I look at the Abstracted_Metadata, the SAMPLE_TYPE is DETECTED (not COMPLEX).

**Graph steps parameters **
Apply Orbit File => Sentinel Precise
Calibration => Output sigma0 band
TOPSAR->Deburst => VH, VV
SpeckleFilter => Sigma0_IW1_VH, Sigma0_IW1_VV => Gramma Map

I would like to do stacking or coregistration after this step, but I don’t get the multilook step working.

Any help would be much appreciated. I am completely new to this field, so please forgive me if the answer may be trivial to you experts out there.

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The update 3.0.3 released today should include a fix for this.

Hi lveci,

installed the 3.0.3 version and the multilook worked, finally. Thanks for the fast reply.

The bug was very time consuming, hence no usable hints existed on how to solve it or what could be the cause of it. Hopefully other people see this post before they step into the same trap as I did.

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