Multilooks bug

When multilooking a debrust interferogram with 18x5 looks, stripes appear as shown

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Did you do the processing as instructed in the tutorials?

This isn’t caused by multilook. These are phase jumps between bursts
which can be seen better after multilook but, you should also see them
in the original interferogram. Phase jumps could be caused by poor
orbits, miscoregistration, movement in the scene and possibly other things.
Where the precise orbits used here? Did you apply Range Shift and
Azimuth Shift (Enhance Spectral Diversity) after Backgeocoding?


I get these too when using res orbits

The quality of the restituted orbits should be very good, at this moment the precise ones are better, but not by very much.

Applying the Range and Azimut Shift improves interferogram result.

Is it possible for the range shift algorithm to introduce the fine registration strategy after the coarse registration ? No needs of a larger interpolator factor and registration window size. The Processing time should be faster than actual one.

The Range-shift unit consumes too much memory to get an accurate result (Registration windows size > 1024 and interpolation factor > 8).

The shift can be measured in a different way (block matching OTB application tested) and applied by entering its value to the module.

Patch provided in this post. (2.2 KB)