My snap can't run the function of Range Doppler Terrain Correction

I can’t run the function of Range Doppler Terrain Correction when i handle the data of sentinel1-A. if i make it, i will get the error —— No space left on device。
how can i solve this problem,thanks.

How much free space on your machine do you have? Just seems like your HDD is full?

however, i don‘t take too much HDD space

it just happend when i choose the map projection as polor stereographic.

Where is your .snap folder? Usually it’s c:\users\username.snap or your home folder in linux ~/.snap
The terrain correction will download a DEM and put it in the .snap/auxdata/DEM folder
This drive may be full.

thanks for your answer. However , it’s just a new computer , it can’t be full.

If you’ve chosen an inappropriate projection it’s possible your output product size becomes positively huge.

i don’t change the projection . it’s defaulted as WGS84

Try UTM / WGS84 (Automatic). Are you working very close to the poles and how much disk space you have available + are your permissions in order?

i am sure that my disk space is available. it’s aboult 100G