My study about Neotectonics ( Determination of subsidence and deformation)

Hi everyone I have a problem About How To Choose my Data Please Can Anybody Help me:
1-Is the choice to be master the latest year and then we take the slave for previous years knowing that my study from 2017-2022 or take it in the same month?
2-if the perpendicular is minus or under the range (150-300) there is any problem with that and what is
the flexibility of that range?
3-what is the flexibility for temporal the rang (6-12)?
3-Does the most recent scene has to be the master?
4- can we choose the mater scene from Sentinel-1-A and slave Sentinel-1-B?

Hi obaida.alzakkri

1-you choose whatever you want as long as Mast and slave are having short perpendicular baseline. Temporal baseline may affect the result.
2-must be under 150m Bperp for Differencial inSAR (deformation) and over 150m for DEM. it’s not straight mesure, but upper is Bperp, lower is correlation.
3-I did not understand the question… but keep in mind temporal baseline may introduce fake shifts (due to atmosphere) 12days or one year, shift is random. Timeserie is the solution to get an average displacement.
4-you can reverse if you want, but you then also need to reverse the result (subsidence = uplift…)


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Mr. AriJeannin,
Thanks a lot for this information, wish you the best.