Need Help Sentinel -5p CH4

I am a new user of sentinel product. Here is what I intend to do.

  1. Download Sentinel 5p-CH4_L2 Product for a given time period (multitemporal)
  2. Clip the data according to my study area
  3. Rasterize the product @ 0.01-degree cells
  4. Export it in conventional image format (Geotiff etc.)
  5. Batch processing step1-4 (or at least 2-4) for many files.
    I can code in IDL, also familiar with python (not very good though).
    When I did a search, I see many options and tried a few (e.g., harptools on the command line, CODA in IDL, - I have succeeded to some extent, however, I couldn’t get any of them to do the full processing.
    Can anyone please help.
    Thanks in advance