Netcdf data variable number is different between HDFview and IDL/MATLAB

I used SNAP S-3 to convert L1C data to NetCDF, however, the variable number should in the HDFview is 51 in totle, but coding by IDL or MATLAB, the number is 47, without ‘n_bt_data’, ‘n_grid_points’, ‘n_radiometric_accuracy’, ‘n_snapshots’, any kind person who knows why??

What kind of L1C data are you using? Which sensor?

Hi ~~~
So happy to have your reply, thank you so much ~ I use SMOS L1C data.
Actually, I checked the variable one by one, the unshown variables in the lDL/MATLAB are coded as structure info in the normal variables such as BT_Value_Real/Imag or others, therefore, maybe there is some different creteria between HDFView and IDL/MATLAB to recognize the so-called variable???

Dear user,

the four datasets displayed in HDFView are HDF “Dimensions” that define the sizes of the data arrays - and not some kind of measurement data. As HDFView is a basic tool, it shows ALL content of the data product, whereas IDL or MATLAB politely skip this “non-scientific” data.



Dear Tom,

Really thank you ~~~~ now I see, thanks ~~~~


Yang Na