New sen2cor tool adapter

In the new SNAP 6.0 , with the new sen2cor tool adapter, how to set the SEN2COR_EXE system variable? I made various attempts with no results. Thanks

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it is possible to download directly the standalone version from Tools -> Manage external tools -> Edit sen2cor -> Bundled Binaries -> “Download and install now”.

If you have already downloaded the sen2cor standalone version and you want to use it from snap, then you have to define the system variable SEN2COR_BIN to allow the plugin find your sen2cor folder. For example in my case it is:


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Yes I have it installed, but it seems that we have more system variables to set :

so, I would really need a guide :slight_smile: I am working in ubuntu 17.10

Have you tried to run it from SNAP? Are you getting an error?

yes, errors about the path in the system variables. I am even considering to uninstall the standalone version and try then to install sen2cor directly from within SNAP. Could that be better?

Yes, it should be easier.
I am trying to install in different ways sen2cor to try to reproduce your error to understand what is happening. It should be very useful if you could upload the log or a screenshot. Thank you in advance.

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By the way, I have various questions, also regarding the usage of sen2cor with snappy… :slight_smile:

I will try to upload them.
For now I can give you the specifics of the installation :
I am working on Ubuntu 17.10
I installed the Anaconda 4.2.0 as indicated in the Sen2Cor user manual
I am using Python 2.7
I first installed the sen2cor 2.4.0 and then yesterday the SNAP 6.0.0.

My goal would be to use SNAP entirely with snappy, so to call sen2cor in python with GPF as a SNAP operator, in the same way the other operators can be invoked.

So is there any wrong step so far?

Are you willing to pay the price in lower performance? As you know Sentinel-products are huge…

yes, for the moment I will pay that price. I need in term of automate processing and to exploit the python scientific computing packages…

Hello, I recommend using the installation inside the adapter. Otherwise, indeed, all the system variables need to be updated, and this situation was not tested.

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oh this is a very useful note. So you suggest me to uninstall the standalone version and doing the Snap inside installation? Really thanks for everything

The other questions are:
what about the best anaconda version for sen2cor?
once the installation will be completed could sen2cor be invoked via GPF via snappy?

Yes, this is what I suggest. In this case, separate Anaconda is not needed, so you don’t need to worry about the version, and I see no reason why not to work via GPF&snappy

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I will definitely follow this approach then!! Thanks for now!!