New version of Sentinel-1 product specification (version 3/12)

A new version of Sentinel-1 Product Specification (version 3/12) was just published on Sentinel Online web site here:

This version applies for product generated to a new version of the SAR processor (IPF version 3.60) to be deployed in the coming months.

This version of the processor is introducing the following main changes:

  • general improvment of robustness of the processing (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • ensure complete coverage in range of the denoising vectors for GRD products
  • annotation of the complete set of Level 0 products used as input of the processing
  • adding some additional global variables in the Level 2 NetCDF content
  • using a new coastline in the Level 2 processing (OpenStreetMap instead of GSHHS)
  • introducing quicklooks of Level2 Wind and Radial Velocity Measurements for TOPS and Stripmap products

Sample products will be made available in the coming weeks.