Nighttime/Night lights imagery


Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this thread but I am looking for some guidance of extracting night time imagery from the S2 product.

I guess the real question is, is it possible to post process the different bands from a late night S2 pass to get an image of the artificial lights on the ground? We are currently sourcing our night time imagery from NOAA’s NIGHTSAT ( to measure economic activity

I appreciate any help in figuring this out.


Hi @ibadkureshi

There is no systematic acquisition during night time.

You might want to read :

Hi Julien,

Thanks for your reply. That was the page I had been looking for, for a while now.

So I guess except for NIGHTPOD on the ISS (which is adhoc not periodic) there is no ESA source of night time images. Back to NASA then.


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