No ALOS processing possible anymore (after latest SNAP update)


after the latest update it is not possible anymore to do any processing steps with ALOS/PALSAR 1.1 data after the import. I have already deinstalled and reinstalled the complete SNAP toolbox, no changes. Any Ideas? Can someone confirm this?

Thanks and best regards

Hi woko

I did processing for ALOS PALSAR 1 level 1.1 with SNAP 5.0 for change detection… Why you say that you cannot???

As I implied in the first post, I worked with ALOS data before and it worked ok. Today, I updated to SNAP 5.0.5, s1tbx 5.0.5, and radarsat2 7.3.5 toolboxes and only the import of ALOS data seemed to work. Every next step I tried, for example radiometric calibration, was not possible anymore (error: no SAR data as input).

Topic can be closed. I deinstalled again, cleaned the registry, rebooted and reinstalled SNAP, and it is working normal again. Sorry.

Excellent notice!!!