No orbit file found

Please help…Everything is up to date and the images should be old enough, but I can’t get this to work (have tried two different sets of images) because I get the following error:

A problem occurred during the target product initialisation.
Type: OperatorException
Message: No valid orbit file found for 15-MAY-2021 19:19:13.000000
Orbit files may be downloaded from and placed in C:/Users…

The web address given doesn’t work for me, nor do others I have found in old threads. I know it’s supposed to automatically download the files, is there a way to get that to happen? If not, where can I download the right files? I’m also having trouble with the program running and running when I try to even just open tools, like when I click Radar → TOPS split, the tool never opens and I have to End Task after a while.