Non-existent SRTM Tile

I am trying to terrain correct various SAR scenes. A lot of my scenes are off the coast of Lagos.
I need to use the SRTM 3 sec DEM for consistency however with scenes over this area, a tile does not exist.

SNAP keeps trying to find How can I get it to stop trying to download a non-existent tile. I am using the SNAPS’s gpt in the command line to batch process scenes and it just keeps getting stuck trying to download this tile .

this tile should exist actually, but SNAP has struggles accessing SRTM 3Sec data. Have you updated SNAP to the most recent version? It should be S1TBX 7.0.2.

As a work around, you can download the tile here:

And place it in the DEM folder of SNAP, located under user\.snap\auxdata\dem\SRTM 3Sec

Once it is there (leave it as a zip file and don’t rename it), SNAP shoud detect its presence and skip the downloading part.

Hi , thanks for your answer. According to the link that you sent- the tile that I want isn’t actually available (srtm_37_12) which is why SNAP keeps getting stuck.

sorry, now I understand. I overlooked that it is over the sea surface.
In that case I suggest that you replace the Range Doppler Terrain Correction by Ellipsoid correction.

thank you! this fixed the problem :slight_smile: