Not being able to import Sentinel 3 data

I am not being able to import the sentinel 3 data. Whenever I try to import the .xml file, it says "no appropriate product reader found.

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Do you have installed the Sentinel-3 Toolbox?
You can verify this by checking the File menu. Under Import / Optical Sensors you should have an entry named “Sentinel-3”.
If not, you can install the S3TBX by going to Tools / Plugins.
Here is a guide how to it:

Yes, I do have the toolbox installed. I have tried with many data, but I am not being able to import. It gives the same error.

And you have installed the most recent SNAP version? Version 6 is out.
You try to open the xfdumanifest.xml file?

Try to reinstall SNAP, maybe something got brocken.

I did uninstall and install the version 6, but its not working. Yes i tried opening the .xml file, but of no use

Can you attach the log file please? You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

Perhaps your download was corrupted - have you tried with several products?

messages.log (67.3 KB)

Yes…I did try with several products

I can’t see any problem in the log. A smaller issue is that you only have 4GB of RAM. With this limited amount of memory you will probably not have much fun with SNAP, even if you would be able to open the S3 products. But the low amount of memory is not the reason why you can’t open the S3 product.
Another thing is that you haven’t updated you SNAP installation, but also this is not a reason why you can open the product.

Could you show the full file path to a product on your disk?

The data got imported after I switched from laptop to desktop

I have the same problem.
I try to open the file xfdumanifest.xml
I do have sufficient memory on my notebook and updated to the last SNAP version.
I am attaching the log file and the error message.

Thanks,messages.log (67.9 KB)

Did you download the data from sentinel 3 data hub or open data hub?

I downloaded from

S3A_SR is altimetry data. This is not supported by the S3TBX.
For the altimetry products please have a look at and

Hi Debo,

I experienced similar problem as yours. Since you already get the data imported with desktop version, I am curious what make it different between laptop and desktop version? I tried both, but still unable to import.