Not possible to apply coregistration over two TanDEM-X images

Dear all,

I am using TanDEM-X data and plan to apply coregistration (creat stack) from two images from two different days but I do not know why I get below error.

Anybody know why?

Take a look at this topic,

Thanks @falahfakhri . It solved my problem but when I did coregistration, then I have an extra yellow part in one of images that I do not know coming from where?

how have you imported your data? It looks like they no longer have metadata. Open both separately with import > SAR sensors > TerraSAR-X and use the single scenes within the sub-folders in your TDX main directory. \

Once you managed that, you could try different orbit interpolation degrees and check if they make your interferogram better: ALOS SLC L1.1 interferometry processing parameters

the yellow stripe is the area only covered by one scene (their footprints are not 100% identical) but it doesn’t affect your results. You can mask it in the end.