Nullpointerexception error?

When I started my decomposition(freeman-durden) procedure, this error appeared. The data I used is from RadarSat-2, and I already did some preprocessing(radiometric calibrate->speckle filtering->terrain correction). What should I do?

You maybe lost the complex information.
Did you select 'complex output" for the calibration?
Maybe you once try before RD Terrain Correction

thx, I tried again, selected the ‘complex output’, but this error also exist…try it before terrain correction work either…

did you select BEAM DIMAP as an output format for every processing step?

Otherwise I have no idea what could have gone wrong here.

Try the following processing chain: calibration (save in complex) => freeman-durden decomposition => terrain correction. When you do the terrain correction, you may want to deselect the “Mask out area without elevation” option so that the ocean area in you image will not be mask out

thank you! But I can do the decomposition only after the calibration, why can’t I do this after filtering? I can’t understand this error!

If you want to do the speckle filter, here is the processing chain: (save in complex) => Polarimetric Matrix Generation (T3) => Polarimetric Speckle Filter => freeman-durden decomposition => terrain correction.

thank you so much! I got it.

sorry to bother you again. Why this error appeared when I did the terrain correction?

some of the vector geometries in your product are topologically invalid. If you don’t need them any longer, delete them from the product, save it and run the Terrain Correction again.