NullPointerException while Performing Radiometric Terrain Flattening

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to perform Radiometric Terrain Flattening (RTF) on ALOS-2 data. First I convert intensity to beta_o then I tried to perform RTF but it’s giving NullPointerException. As I don’t have very strong programming background I couldn’t understand this error. I am copying massage reported in log file. I will be very thankful if anyone who ever experienced same error and resolve it kindly respond my query.


messages.log (75.8 KB)


I moved your post in the S1TBX category. It is better placed here.
I turned your log into an attachment. It is better readable then and the thread does not get so long.

By looking at the error I wonder if you have the latest updates installed for SNAP 5.
Can you check this, please? Select from the menu Help/Check for updates