Ocean processing tips

What processing steps would people recommend for getting a nice S1 image of the ocean, with most of the noise and errors removed when looking for slicks.

Some very useful info on the forum and ive been folllowing multiple posts. and think this is the right process:

  • Radiometric - Speckle filter are standard. lee or refined lee.
  • no requirement for the thermal correction as it isn’t over land
  • use ellipsoid correction instead of terrain corection for water

Anything else i should be using and should these steps change if land is present in the edges of the image?



No particular advice but a very helpful source of information when it comes to marine applications:

Maybe you already know it but it’s a nice collection of material from theory and practice of all kinds of ocean analyses with radar.

Are you working with the OCN products?

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I have it bookmarked but still havent read it. Will make it a priority, thanks.

Edit - no, not using the OCN products. GRD usually and making things from that.