Offline S2 products reading problem (once retrieved from archive)

I am looking at some S2 data from 2017 onward in Pakistan around the Indus river mouth. Some products have been archived and I have now successfully requested them to be put back online and I have downloaded them all. However, either using SNAP desktop or command line batch processing scripts I have written and successfully used on other images from the same region to process the data generates the error that there is no appropriate reader for the data.

One example of a data-set that I CANNOT read is:


and another that I CAN read is:


could it be that the data was not entirely downloaded?

No - because I get exactly the same on 10 images from various months of 2017 and 2018 so it seems very unlikely. I have tried some of them multiple times.

I think that Corpernicus does not properly retrieve archived data and only serves me with a corrupt product.

Maybe you try with dataset in my original post and see whether or not you can successfully download and open it … I’m pretty sure it stays online for a couple of days


Here is another example:


I was able to open both images correctly.

Wow -OK that is good - please give me the size of each zip exactly so I can assess whether or not they got downloaded fully

Thanks for the info


That is exactly the same size that I have. Can you offer any other possibility for me to investigate why I cannot open files that have been retrieved from archive but I can open ones that have not. I am using SNAP 6.0 on a Windows 10 machine.

It seems a bit odd

you should extract the zip archive before you can load the data into SNAP.

OK that may be true and TBH I dont use SNAP desktop much - however the zip files sit in the same directory as the zip files I have downloaded from non-archived data and the files that have never been archived work find for command line batch processing whereas the ones I donwloaded from images previously archived do not!

I guess that the problem comes down to how the image files are zipped - maybe there is a difference between the zipping of files that have not been archived and files that have been archived

You should upgrade to SNAP7 and see if the problems persist.

OK - I will give that a shot

After upgrading to SNAP 7.0 the same problem persists - my command line batch processing works for all the files that were never archived and none that were

Plus more interestingly I cannot open the archived zip files in SNAP desktop whereas I can do so for the files that have never been archived.

My conclusion is that the archive data that has then been put back online is somehow different from the data that has never been archived