OLCI smile correction



I would like to perform the smile correction for OLCI imagery within snappy, however, I could not find it within the gpt list of operators. Is it the same as the MERIS Radiometric Correction? And does this work for OLCI as well?



The smile correction is currently in development. The one for MERIS is not working for OLCI.
Unfortunately I can’t give you a release date for the smile correction, but it shouldn’t take too long.


Hi, any updates on smile correction for OLCI?


No, unfortunately not. Development did not proceed in the meantime. Hopefully, it will go on soon.


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Just a follow-up questions:

Any chance smile correction was also implemented within C2RCC OLCI processor as one of the processing steps?


Nice thought, but no it is not.
I hope that a smile correction can be released sometime early next year. We are waiting for external input. As soon as we have it it should not take too long.


Any news? :slight_smile:


Not really, unfortunately. We had to change our plans, but it is still in progress and we hope that it will be included in the next release (scheduled for May)
The issue: SIIITBX-219