Open adjacent images

I have two S1 images from the same orbit that I would like to open simultaneously in a single window. I

  • have not performed any corrections
  • don’t want to change or match any values (i.e. mosaic them)
  • dont want to stack them (Create stack) into a single image yet

is there a simple option that i am missing? This could apply to a multispec image just as easily - how do you open 2 images side by side for a quick comparison.

I updated to SNAP 4.0 this morning.



Hi Conor,

If I understand correctly, you want to view two or more images simultaneously on your screen ? You can do this by «tiling» them, as shown in this video :

All the bands you opened in the image viewer (which line up as tabs) will be shown at the same time as adjacent tiles in the viewer.

Hope this helps !


Thanks for the reply - unfortunately it is not tiling, I use that regularly.

What I would like to do is open and view two images of different, adjacent locations in a single window. If you open two images in ERDAS or ENVI they can both be viewed separately or in a single window and turned on or off as required in the layers. At the moment when I open two S1a files they open in separate windows and you cannot see the first image in the second window and vice versa. Is there an easy way to view these quickly or do we need to Createstack or Coregister - both of which take time to process.

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Yes, I think you need to go the long way and coregister them.
To show them in one image they need to share the same CRS. For S1 images this is not the case as long as they are in satellite coordinates.

For example for S2 Granules it is possible, because they are on the UTM CRS. There you can use the Layer Manager to visualise to two images in one window.

ok - thanks for clarifying.

I got this to work using layer manager only, following the geometric correction stage. For anyone looking for a quick solution:

  • load the different images into product explorer
  • select one of the bands
  • open layer manager
  • add layer
  • Image of Band
  • load second layer

they should then appear side by side without having to Stack. If you stack them - they still open in individual tabs, and you need to load them using the layer manager to see them adjacently. They seem to be mosaiced during the stack need to figure that one out see if i can get a graph which will doo all the corrections, mosaic them with a similar stretch.