Open MODIS cloud mask product problem (MOD35_l2/MYD35_L2)

I’m not sure if I classified the question in the right category, I think so since the issue is related to the application using the gdal library.
I succeeded before opening others MODIS products like MOD09GQ an MOD09GA, but when open the cloud mask product it doesn’t show the cloud mask SDS not even the QA flag in the Band list.

If someone want to try here is a file which can be downloaded.
Thank in advance for the help.


you have used the right category. However, SNAP is not using gdal at all.
The could product you are referring to is not in the list of supported MODIS products.
It is opened by a generic reader and this doesn’t consider the specialities of the product.
You can see which MODIS products are support in the help in the “Import and Export” section.


Thank you very much, it was clarified.