Open product of TerraSARx StriMap image

To open product of “S1A…SAFE” data mentioned in the SNAP Tutorial I just double click the “” file in its folder in “Open Product” window. Yet there is no such a file in the folder of a product which I download from Airbus website as a free sample( TSX1_SAR_SSC…, which is in same type StripMap SLC ). How to open it as SNAP says it can process this kind of image?

data structure of TerraSAR-X strongly differs from Sentinel-1 products.

To open TerraSAR-X SLC data you have to select
File > Import > SAR formats > TerraSAR-X
and then select the XML file in the folder.

Thank you that I have successfully opened the TSX product! Yet how to open an ALOS one? If I select ‘ALOS…’ in ‘File Format’ box all files in the raw data folder are grayed. If I select ‘All Files’ in ‘File Format’ box every listed file( IMG*, LED*, *.PRM, *.raw ) shows an opening error ‘No appropriate product reader found’.

what kind of ALOS product do you have? Especially the product level is of importance.

When I have the compressed file of image it only show its sensor and type in name, such as ‘ALOS1 CEOS L1.0’, ‘ALOS1 ERSDAC L1.0’, ‘ALOS1 PALSAR L1.1 SLC’, ‘ALOS2 SSAF L1.1 ScanSAR’ … I only find ‘ALOS’ and ‘PALSAR’ keywords in SNAP’s GUI. As I know the parameters of the ALOS image are in its .PRM file zipped in the compressed file, yet I do not know which one can be used to open the image in SNAP.

Level 1.0 data cannot be opened in SNAP.

Can you please upload a screenshot of the files you want to open?

I cannot open my TerraSAR -X data (with import sar sensor/terrasarx) after last uptade? Did you see problem like this? I could open befor update.