I’m new to SNAP so apologies if there is an obvious solution to my problem.

I have downloaded several hundred ENVISAT ASAR scenes for in order to manually identify the movement of icebergs in the Canadian Arctic but am unsure how to view them in SNAP desktop. The files are in an .N1 file format and when I attempt to import the scene, the product is divided into Metadata, Vector Data, Tie-point Grids and Bands but the product does not appear. When I click on the individual bands, I only see strips of noisy scenes. I’m simply hoping to be able to open all my images in a program where I can flip through them and look for changes between scenes. Also, are these scenes georectified? Alternatively, is there a way to export these scenes as GeoTIFF files so that they can be opened using other software?

Any help you can provide me with is greatly appreciated.

What are the product types? If these are level-1 IMS or WSM then they are not georectified.

If the products are several days apart, how will you determine that you are tracking the same iceberg in different scenes or is this irrelevant and you instead track the statistics of icebergs?

They are level -1 WSS scenes.

Instead of looking at iceberg drift, I’m actually focusing on the termini of several glaciers in t to identify when icebergs are being calved based on the plumes that they produce when they break off (these show up very clearly in SAR imagery). Since it takes several days for these plumes to fully disperse, the repeat time of the images isn’t an issue.

Do you know how I can use SNAP to view the scenes? Alternatively, is there a way that I can convert these .N1 files to GeoTIFF and view them elsewhere?

The WSS products need to be deburst and subswath merged. To safe you the trouble, I would just get the WSM products instead.
With the WSM you may want to ellipsoid correct them first and then export to GeoTiff.

Hi notlad,
I have followed these steps in SNAP(mentioned in help document). However, in my case the output was not satisfactory.

As a first step, image need to be debrust that can be done using the option Radar----> ENVISAT ASAR ------> WSS Deburst, Calibrate and Detect. Later, do mosaicing of all the debursted images by Radar ----> Geometric ------> SAR-Mosaic.

Hi lveci,
I was not able to get access to WSM products. Following above mentioned steps I was able to process WSS-L1 products but the output is a lot different from the preview images provided in EOLISA software. Can you please direct me with the exact steps(If I am wrong in above steps) in SNAP to process ENVISAT ASAR WSS-L1 files ?

Thank you very much for your time.

I have exactly the same problem Jithu. WSS is the only product available for the scene, and the processed products with the same recommended procedure does not look like the JPEG on the Eolisa at all (in fact, it is missing a lot of data after processing.)

It is rather strange that nobody seems to have the answer to this major problem.

hello,have you solve this problem?