Opening S2 data in S2 and SNAP toolbox

Anyone encountered problem of opening S2 data in S2 and SANP toolbox. Both toolbox are latest vesion. Something is seriously wrong. I cannot open. It says no appropriate reader found/exception occurred with related to java.lang. I tried opening .zip, .safe and .xml files. Any solutions? Would be very helpful. The data I am trying to open is. S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160119T085319_R133_V20160118T044355_20160118T044355.SAFE or with .zip and .xml extension.

For the moment only opening the xml file inside the S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160119T085319_R133_V20160118T044355_20160118T044355.SAFE folder is supported. Could you confirm that what’s you are doing and than installed SNAP with the Sentinel-2 toolbox extensions? Thanks in advance.

I believe Sentinel 2 data is a high resolution data comparing to other data from freely available optical sensors. Secondly, Landsat data also lacks scene coverage in my study area. Therefore, I want to take a subset of it in my study area and it will be used to identify or update information on potentially dangerous glacial lakes. I have also analyzed gradient of glaciers with various threshold using DEM to predict the possibility of formation of small glacial lakes which could be potentially dangerous. It will be overlaid on sentinel-2 high resolution data. I hope you are clear with my purpose of use. As you said SANP toolbox is supporting .xml file, does it support to take subset of a scene? I think this utility does work. Thank you.

Yes it is possible to make a subset.

Sir, It’s strange that subset utility is not working in my case. It doesn’t give error neither displays product subset window. Is it working for you? Did you try? I tried as follows: zoom to an area of my interest->right click->Spatial subset from the view. Secondly, zoom to an area of my interest->raster->subset. Thank u.

The subset is working only for single resolution product, so you need to open it using a fix-resolution reader (10, 20 or 60m).

With the re-sampled products subsets should work, and you should be able to see the product in the product explorer. You can then work with the subset product in SNAP and save it in one of the available formats.