Opening the map on SNAP

hello ,
i had a problem when i was running the MAP on SNAP
this script appears contain this message : java.lang.outOfMemoryError: java heap space.
i’m currently working with 8gb RAM
your suggestions svp?

which operation is going when this error comes?
Java heap space indicates that your memory capacity is reached.

thank you ABraun for your feedback
this error comes when i tried to display my image which has a polarization VH on SNAP desktop .

Did you open the image as zip?

hello , i have a question. Does S-1 data have the path and row number like TM data? I found all the data at the same postion have the same orbit number and slice number. Does orbit number and slice number represent the path and row nubber respectively? Thank you very much!

relative orbit = path = track
I’m not sure about the slice to be honest.

ok, thank you very much