Operator BandMerge not found

Good afternoon everyone,

I am writing because I have got a problem with the GraphBuilder.

I need to use the operator ‘BandMerge’ (they sent me a simple graph with this operator inside), but when I load it on the GraphBuilder I just get this message: “Operator BandMerge not found” or “SPI not found for operator BandMerge”. If I right-click in the GraphBuilder to add an operator, the operator BandMerge cannot be found at all.

I tried updating SNAP and uninstalling and re-installing it, but nothing changed. Anyone has got any clue on what the problem is?

Thank you for your attention,

have you also installed the S1 Toolbox? It should be included this toolbox.

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I downloaded the software with the option “All toolboxes”, so it should be there, but I realize now that I haven’t got the “SAR processing window”…thank you for making me notice, I will download and install the S1 toolbox straight away and see if I can fix my problem.

Check the Plugins window in the menu (Tools–>Plugins).

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Yes, I have just fixed everything, the problem was that I had not activated the S1 toolbox, even if I downloaded it with everything else.
Thank you very much for your help!