Operator for Deramping/Reramping of Sentinel-1 TOPS IW data

In order to interpolate a Sentinel-1 TOPS data correctly one needs to apply a Deramping operation. This is implemented in the current BackGeocoding operator. However, we would like to have available a separate operator for deramping and reramping to allow custom interpolation operations on a Sentinel-1 TOPS dataset.
Is it foreseen that such operator comes available in the near future?

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Joaquim, we don’t have plans to separate deramping/reramping. However, there is an operator Compute-Deramp-Demod-Phase for debugging purposes which does the initial step of deramping the slave and produces the phase which needs to be applied to the product. It’s disabled. You would need to enable it in the code.

@lveci where, in the code, can we enable Deramp-Demod-Phase operator?

s1tbx-op-sentinel-1 module

@lveci: Is it then correct to assume that the oversampling feature in the S1TBX doesn’t/won’t support Sentinel-1 TOPS mode?

According to the help (Radar -> SAR Utilities -> Resampling -> Oversample), this op does the following:

Oversample Operator
This operator upsamples a real or complex image through frequency domain zero-padding. The algorithm takes into account the value of the Doppler Centroid Frequency when padding the azimuth spectrum. For real image, the upsampled image is also a real image, and for complex image, the up sampled image is a complex image.

So Doppler Centroid Frequency refers to Stripmap acquisitions only.

Yes, this operator was never intended for TOPS data.

In the Windows version, How we can activate/enable and run deraming operator?

I would like to ask the same question.