Orthorectified Product Shifting

Greetings to all!

I have a question to anyone. Let’s say I have a SAR orthorectified product, derived from SLC 1.1 product with Range Doppler TC. Assume one band in the product. In both SNAP & snappy the end result contains a band whose pixels has digital values that are taken from the original product via the chosen interpolation method and also each pixel has each own center of longitude and latitude. (One can also see these centers of longitude and latitudes as MAP-X and MAP-Y under the pixel Position tab in the Pixel info window of SNAP desktop application.) One can export the product as kml file or geotif in order to display it in either google earth or some other alternative.

The question is the following: Is it possible to alter the center longitude and latitude of each pixel of the orthorectified product so as when extracted, let’s say as kml, it would be placed on the new coordinates?

For example, let’s say I wish to move the scene as a whole for 50 meters north-east. I would like to add x-degrees and y-degrees to each center of the pixels of the orthorectified product and when I display it again on google earth it should be placed 50 meters to the north-east than it originally was. However, the moved-scene should retain the digital values of the originally orthorectified product.