Other look up tables?

In the manual of Sen2cor, “The Look Up tables are only compiled for the rural aerosol and the mid-latitude summer (MS) atmosphere with its corresponding ozone column (331 DU for sea level. Other Look up Tables can be generated on request but are not part of the current baseline.”

I am working on a tropical site, not mid-latitude, and would like to know how I can request the generation of new tables, please. Also, does anyone have an idea about the implication of using MS tables for other areas
Thank you

Since Release 2.3 different LUTs are calculated for the mid-latitude summer and mid-latitude winter atmospheres, with 6 different (sea level) ozone contents, a rural and a maritime aerosol, 6 or 4 different sea level water vapor columns. A dedicated LUT for tropical atmosphere is however not integrated yet. I will forward your request to the developers of the Look up tables, which could give you a more specific answer on this issue.

Ok! thank you for your answer.