Overlapping images from different products - is it possible?

Dear all:

I am using S1 IW GRD product, and S2 L1C product.
I preproced S1 data including terrain correction, and re projected S2 data - with the same map projection.

From a first look, everything seems fine, and they seem to match very nicely when looking at them - despite the different pixel resolution. Still,… is it possible to find away to see them overlapped - one above the other, (being the top image sightly faded). Is there such tool inside SNAP?

Sara, once you’ve put them into the same map projection, you could use the layer manager to view both images in the same image view.
To get them in the same product with the same pixel resolution, you could use create stack or collocate.

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Thank you very much Luis.

Hi again Luis,

Which would you choose as the master when doing the collocation? And why?
I am thinking about using the as the mater the one with higher resolution… does it make sense?

Thank you !

I think it is up to you to decide.
If you use the one with the higher resolution as master you get interpolated values in the lower-resolution product which actually do not exist.
If you use the lower resolution product as master you will loose values of the high resolution product.
So both ways have pros and cons. It depends on your use case.

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