Parameter in GPT


I am running a graph where a subset operator is included to separate VV and VH polarizations in two different products.

When I run the graph in GPT and new inputs are processed, the name of the band in the subset operator is not updated thus leading to an error.


I have tried to convert that into a variable (-Pband1=coh_IW2_VV*) and (-Pband2=coh_IW2_VH*) but still not working.

Do you know if this is possible in GPT I should re-think my graph?


you might try the Band Select instead of Subset


Probably the * is the problem in the band name variables. A regular expression is not supported.

There is a Merge operator. It is not available in the Graph Builder. You could add it manually to your graph and replace the subset.
Actually, the Merge operator is intended to merge two products, as the name suggests. But it can also be used to tailor one product. The following is an example graph which might serve your needs. This supports regexp.

<graph id="someGraphId">

<node id="mergeNode">