parameter "outputImageScaleInDb" is not working

Dear all,

When I checked what parameters can be set for the Calibration operator using gpt, I found a parameter called outputImageScaleInDb.

So I dug into the code on this page to see how it takes effect.

If I understood correctly, it will take effect, by adding _dB to the end of the band name, when I set createBetaBand or createGammaBand to true with outputImageScaleInDb to true.

Therefore, I create the following GPF graph for testing:

Unfortunately, It didn’t seem to be working no matter my input is SLC IW or GRD IW product:

Can anyone give me a hint of what I might do wrong?

Any helps will be appreciated!
Thank you in advance~
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was there any update on this issue. I experienced the same.
I have craeted a graph using the options available in the gpt command. And for Calibration the “outputImageScaleInDb” is still available. However, it seems not to have any effect.
I checked also the SNAP GUI and the Graph builder in the Desktop version. In both versions this parameter option is not available for the Calibration operator. Is the “outputImageScaleInDb” parameter a somehow dead parameter? Please any information would be very useful. Thanks.

p.s. I use the latest snap 8 version (with all updates).
Here is the operator parametrization fro the calibration operator in my xml graph: