Parameters for Geographic Coordinates in Batch Subset

Does anybody know the order of lat/long arguments that get taken by

POLYGON ((0 0, 0 0, 0 0, 0 0, 0 0, 0 0)

for geographic coordinates in the subset tool in batch processing?

I want to enter a polygon with the following 4 corners:

N 19.1
S 19.562
W -72.55
E -72.08

but keep getting a “Points of LinearRing do not form a closed linestring” error no matter what combination I try.

Normally, I subset by using the following dialog in the standalone subset tool:

but in batch mode, this input style is not available.

For what it’s worth, I’ve gotten the batch subsetting to work using Pixel coordinates but those are a pain to enter each time.

you can create your polygon as WKT here:

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Doh! I wasn’t closing the ring with a 5th point for my rectangle…thanks!

But I can not use this WKT web, its picture does not show.

please try another browser or make sure yours supports javascript

Pictures of other web (Leaflet and ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript API) can show, but I can not draw polygon with mouse. And other browsers also don’t work.

sorry, but this is not my page. I was just suggesting a way to create WKTs.

You can try others as well:

You can also digitize a polygon in QGIS and use the WKT plugin

Thanks a lot, I found a way to solve the problem. We can not use the google maps here, so I must use VPN to open the websit. :rofl: