Path definitions for AuxData on linux versions?

Hi all,

I just installed the latest SNAP 2.0-beta-05 on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. I checked the snap/etc/ in the install directory and saw that it uses Windows conventions for definitions of paths to the various subdirs
(e.g. OrbitFiles.sentinel1POEOrbitPath = ${AuxDataPath}\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB).

I used to solve this manually in earlier versions, but thought it may have been noticed by now. I just did a interferometric run and found it created the subdir auxdata\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB in my ~/.snap directory (i.e. not the directory tree auxdata/Orbits/Sentinel-1/POEORB).

Is this expected behavior or would it be better to replace \\ with the linux / path delimiter? Could this be done automatically for linux builds?

Otherwise, a great tool, the SNAP set, and esp. the S1TBX. This forum is very useful as well!