Phase displacement to Mm

Hello Everyone,

I am wonder how to calculate displacement of some pixels.

  • S-1 which I use have wavelength of 55.46 mm.
    let’s say I have 4 points in my area I add pins, export them to .txt file with Phase values
    I added two other point which looks they are stable with no changes (pin5 and pin6).

the phase values are:
|pin1| 2.7546852
|pin2| -1.7688859
|pin3| 2.3461618
|pin4| 1.4465947

the references points phases:
|pin5| 1.9706558
|pin6| -1.8845519

how I do to estimate change in mm?
is there any other methods to estimate displacement of target pixels (except phase Unwrapping and PSI).