Pin Manage and GCP manage

I would like to know what is the differences between Pin manage and GCP manage?. I have import the points file for two options (Pin and GPC) and the points have been located in different places. Now I am confused because I don’t know what is the best option for me.

From the SNAP Help about Pin and GCP management:

“Pins are displayed as symbols at their geographical positions in image views associated with the current product. Pins are stored in the current product and available again if the product is re-opened.
In the Sentinel Toolbox, pins can be used to Pixel Info View and the Spectrum View to the selected pin in order to display the values of the pixel associated with the selected pin.
In contrast to a pin a GCP is fixed to a geographical position. It can be set to a different image location in order to create a GCP geo-coding for a product or improve an existing geo-coding or define a new one.”

So, if you don’t want to change your image’s geocoding pins are your best option.

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Thank u for your answer, I am more clearly, surely!!!