Pixel Extraction error


I am trying to extract pixel of Sentinel-2 images in different windows size using SNAP Pixel Extraction tools but failed. The SNAP showed an error which is “java.lang.IllegalArgument Exception:[name] is an empty string” but I do not know how to fix this. I was wondering if anyone can help me?

I will appreciate your kind assistance.

Thank you.

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Please this very wide error of different reasons, Please use the search function to find similar error of yours.

I already had a look, no similar error was reported so far. And as you say, illegalArgument is quite general and not related to a specific error.

@fatin Maybe it helps if you describe if you had preprocessed your data and what other steps you already applied. You can also post screenshots to illustrate your error.

To investigate this issue it would help if you post the log file here:

You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory. Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.