Pixel info window shows only some band values?


I am creating simple RGB for a S1 processing result (e.g. a dual pol calibrated product). If I use the “Pixel Info” window, though, I only get the value for the first band. Similarly, if I create a stack to inspect differently processed images, “Pixel Info” gives 2 or sometimes 3 values, but not for the bands I have composed in the RGB, but starting from the top of the stack.

I could not find any pointer to this problem in the list, which is curious, since it seems to be pretty basic.

I am using the latest SNAP (upgraded this morning) on a Mac.


If you want to see all bands you can go to the menu (Tools --> Options) and in the dialog unmark the option “Show only pixel values of loaded or displayed bands”. It is in the tab “UI Behaviour”.

Thx, works! Maybe this could be the default?

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