Pixel size differences bewteen ALOS FBD and FBS products and resampling

I would like use 2 ALOS PALSAR 1 (1.1) products to do InSAR, but I am running into problems even coregistering them because of differences in the pixel size (FBD vs FBS). Ive read that these products can be re-sampled to be coregistered together using other programs I am not familiar with. Can this be done in the the S - 1 toolbox and can it be used to make an interferogram? I see resampling tools, but its still unclear to me how to apply them yet…

Thanks for whatever help I can get on this matter.

You need to use the exact same type of products to do InSAR (same SAR imaging mode, same type of SLC product, same orbit track, short time-difference between the images).

That’s what I was afraid of! Thanks.