Please enable reading of ER2_AT_1_RBT

Hi Team,

Big big thanks :sunflower: :sunflower: for updating SNAP 8 to read the 4th reprocessing AATSR (ENV_AT_1_RBT) and ATSR-1 (ER1_AT_1_RBT) products. Now we just need the ATSR-2 ones, that don’t yet seem to be enabled (ER2_AT_1_RBT). A short while ago, I sent info to Jan W. on an ftp connection. ER2 products can be found in DAS_3 or ERS_rehearsal.

Thanks again for all the help and perseverance,

Hi Pauline,

I’ve created a ticket for this new requirement.
[SIIITBX-418] Support for ER2_AT_1_RBT - JIRA (
I’ll talk to Jan to get the sample data.

But currently I can give an estimate when this can be incorporated into the development schedule.

Hi Pauline,

Marco (@marpet) and I quickly checked. It probably is due to a not set string for ERS-2 inside the reader. But we need to have a closer look next week. If it turns out to be this simple, than the solution will be quick. If not, we have to plan the adaption as Marco has already indicated.


Update to say this is due to mismatch in number of image rows in manifest against number of rows within the NetCDF files. Possibly will have to wait until/if the ATSR-2 products themselves are patched (but is possible to do a dynamic inspection of the difference). Difference in rows is variable, so cannot do an easy solve with a constant.

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