Please help me recognize a Sentinel-1 colour composite

Hello all,
ESA recently published a video with a colour composite repeated for several dates.
I find it really superb and I would love to use it on my own work.

Images are using VV/VH polarisation, they are mentionned to “Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2015–16), processed by ESA with SNAP” while this ESA gallery image on the same area (, with a more classic composite (R=HH, G=HV, B=HH-HV) is not said to be modified and is easier to replicate.

I wasn’t able to find anything matching using RGB decomposition permutations with VV, VH, difference, ratio or NDI. Would someone know the colour composite that was used ? Or point me a method to find it such as trying HSV or PCA ?

Thank you by advance

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Would also like to know the answer.