Polarization Missing in IW Data

I have problems processing some SLC_IW scenes with VV/VH polarization. I have repeatedly observed (in products of different regions), that the VH polarization of subswaths is missing. This always concerens the VH polarization of varying subswaths, which I just can not access.

I tried looking at it by directly opening the layer in the image window (remains grey, opposed to when I select the corresponding VV polarization of the same subswath). I also tried some TOPS operations. Splitting leads to just the VV polarization being accessible, as well as deburst, which leads to a single colored subswath.

Is this an error in the data, in SNAP (having the newest version with all recent updates), or am I just missing something?

Strangely, I wasn’t successful in finding this topic being discussed already, but I guess I just missed it, because this seems like a potentialls common problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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That is probably due to a corrupted download. Are the VH measurement datasets in the .zip where they should be and of reasonable size?

Are you sure you didn’t remove the VH band accidentally using TOP Split. By default it selects just the co-pol band.

I also thought about that. I downloaded a ton of S1 scenes using batch scripts, and I had to resume a good percentage of the downloads. I didn’t expect this to be too harmful as they were still able to finish. If this is this is the case, it would be really annoying and I will have to re-download a very large number of files.

Yes. Even unprocessed these bands can not be displayed (while all the others are).

Are the bands even there?

They’re all listed under “Bands”, but I doubt they’re really there. Also, they’re all in the ZIP file, all 1.5 GB in size. So I guess something must be corrupted somewhere…

If you have a program like 7zip you could test the zip file to check if it is corrupt or not. In the next release there will be a similar check available in the product library to validate the zip as it scans.

You’re right. I tried it with the -T option of zip, and received an error.

Thanks again for your help.