Polrimetric orientation angle

Hi, I have applied orientation angle correction after calibration but except changes in the intensity values I am not able to understand any other differences in the image or the image statistics, so that I can prove the orientation angle has occurred. Am I missing out on something? Please help.

Are your screenshots from the image before or after the correction? Without context we cannot read much from them.

I expect the mean value to slightly change before and after the polarization angle correction.
You can also make a stack of the before and after image and use the scatter plot to prove that pixels change.

ya, all of them are of after correction T11, T22, T33.

Before the orientation angle correction i have done calibration, whose outputs are HH, HV,VH,VV. But after orientation correction i get the output for T11, T22, T33. How will I stack the before and after image?
I am sending u the before and after image.


After correction:

the correction produces the coherency matrix and you can’t really compare T elements with the intensity values before correction. If you really see what changed (I still don’t get why) I would suggest:

  1. Create coherency matrix (matrix generation > T3)
  2. Apply orientation angle correction
  3. Stack your products
  4. Scatter Plot (T11 before vs T11 after [or T22, T33])

Thank you so much. I got my answer.