Pre-processing of Sentinel 1A

Please tell me right series to do pre-process in sentinel 1A data.


Can you give answer the the following questions?

  • Is it SENTINEL-1 complex data (SLC)?
  • Is it Ground Range Detected data?

What are you trying to achieve with these data?


this is the details of the product …i think it is level -1 product (SLC)

Looking at the name of your product, its Ground Range detected (you can see the abbreviation GRDH). I do not know what you are trying to do, but the fundamental pre-processing steps for SENTINEL-1 data can be summarized as follows:

  • Thermal noise removal (especially in areas of low backscatter intensity)
  • Speckle noise suppression
  • Image calibration
  • terrain correction

Also, incidence angle normalization for SENTINEL-1 wide swath data is required but it is not implemented in SNAP. You can do this step yourself

By the way, if you do a simple search on this forum, you will find a few posts about SENTINEL-1 data pre-processing

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thank you so much sir

Hi Johngan,

Do you have any idea why Sentinel-1A GRD images have black margin? the low backscattered signal?


The black lines on either side of the GRD SENNTINEL-1 image is the border noise. This is due to the processing of raw data into L1 product leading to artifacts at the image borders.
For more details, please see the article below.

Sentinel-1-masking-no-value-pixels-grd-products-note.pdf (743.4 KB)

Thank you very much for your reply.

Excuse me if I get back on topic. I am processing an S1 image, and I have already made the indicated corrections. But there is something I notice in the image when I open the RGB-(VV-VH-Sigma VV-VH. I’m showing the image and that line…, as a color phase change. Why is this? and could I correct this in my final image? I think that it affects the information of the pixels but correct me if it is not so, please. Thanks in advance.

I answer me :grimacing: I change my question. Are there anything I can do to correct that line in the image, after the indicated corrections? Thanks

Did you apply radiometric calibration and Thermal Noise Removal?

I’m not apply Thermal Noise Removal, I’m going to try this correction and update if it has improved the image. Thanks

I made the TNR correction, but the line orchange of phase color is there yet.