Preparing the area for snap

if this is the area I have where 2 locations (specified in the image provided below). the two locations are one in the sechilienne and the other in charlaix. the area is almost vegetated, but the landslide of sechilienne is of slow movement so it could be considered a coherent process.
if i want to use a band filtering to enhance the coherence, is this possible?
the data i have is L1 SLC sentinel 1 data.

maybe you compute the coherence first and then test the effect of azimuth and range filtering on the phase.

Filtering the coherence will not result in better phase quality (in case you want to measure the displacement).

can i filter the coherence on snap?
why won’t the filtering affect my results?

coherence is an indicator for the quality of the phase. You can filter the coherence (e.g. using the standard filters, but this does not affect the phase quality. You can slightly increase the phase quality with the Goldstein filter, but it is not effective over phase noise. It rather enhances the fringes which are already present, but cannot restore them in case of low coherence.

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