Problem in bandmath

Dear all,
I have an intensity image (TanDEM-X) that I want to multiply the intensity by sin of incidence angle and then apply 10 log 10 on it.

First of all, I multiplied the intensity by sin of incidence angle in bandmath and I got an image clearly but when I applied 10 log 10 on it, the image converted to NaN.
Any idea why this has happened?

First step in band math: Intensity * sin(43.417)
Second step in band math: 10*log 10 (Intensity * sin(43.417))

This might be a degrees versus radians problem. Have you checked the values of sin(43.417) in the test image?

yes, the angle needs to be given in radians. The math functions come from java maths utils.

OK. Do you mean, I should write in bandmath sin (0.757)?
43.41° × π / 180°
= 0.24116666667π rad
= 0.757 rad