Problem in creating stack

Dear all,
I have 3 image feature with same size. I tried to make stack by using them but I got error. Would you please guide me?



are all of them geocoded (e.g. by Range Doppler Terrain correction) to the same coordinate reference system? Otherwise you have to select ORBIT at the Initial Offset Method.

I chose orbit but still does not work.


so are they geocoded already?

Yes, they are

the error message is really strange and I haven’t seen it before.

Is collocation and option? It allows only image paris but maybe you can do it pairwise (A+B, AB+C, ABC+D)

the raster_to _vector file is vector? maybe this is the problem?

No, it even does not work with 3 images and again give me that error.
I do not know what should I do.

hello team.
while doing the stack getting problem like undefined symbol,
i have created virtual bands by linear to formdB conversion and deleted natural bands!
is it problem or anything, please help me.


thank you.

if you create dB bands, they are created as virtual bands at first. Before you can delete the native bands you have to right-click on the virtual band and select “convert band”. Then select File > Save Product" Then the virtual band is written on your hard drive and you can delete the native band (the one it was based on) afterwards.

yes sir, but is there any problem to create stack after deleted native bands?

thank yoyu

if you converted the virtual band to a permanent one and save the product, you can delete the native band.
But you cannot restore it if you deleted it.